Sunday, November 23, 2014

Fall is nearing the end!

The season of PUMPKIN everything is about to die down, and we're headed into Eggnog time, christmas cheer and time to give gifts. Fall is quite possibly the most beautiful season change with all the colors, and the leaves falling, and the excitement for littles to dress up for halloween. BUT  hands down my FAVORITE time of year is Winter. The silent snow that falls, and the magic of the pure white, peaceful, crisp scenery brings a warmth to my soul no other season touches.  The happiness on kids faces when they KNOW Santa will be coming soon, the Snowmen they build, and the lights on house tops at night light up the grin from ear to ear. This is just another thing I can not wait for in Washington.

Since Thanksgiving is literally just around the corner, I'll give you what I'm thankful for. These two kiddos right here! Madison, and Christian. 10 and 2. BOTH a handful, but light up my life, as well as many others. Madison does a lot of work in my personal life. Makes me grow in a whole. To adding more patience to my life, to teaching me how to fight for her medically, and educationally. She's a reason behind my desire for nursing. I've spent a lot of hours in hospitals, learning about procedures, medicines, and diagnoses.  I adore her smile, and she has the most joyful soul that would bring anyone to tears.
  Christian is by far the most dangerous child I know. He's so fearless, so rough, and UBER clever for his age. He knows how to change an attitude so fast, as well as change the mood in any room. He throws fits like a champ, loves chocolate, helicopters, and Semi-trucks. ALL B.O.Y. Since he's still developing his personality and growing, I just pray every day that my husband and I raise him to be a good, honest, hardworking man who loves Jesus, and has a respect for people in a whole.

Okay, okay i'm sure you're DYING to know how to make this delish photo below! I tasted it this morning, and its like heaven! I would go amazing on toast, ezekiel bread, bagels, or even make a YUMMY filler for homemade cinnamon rolls with a coconut cream frosting all over the top!

Here's what you'll need:
3/4 cup Raw Almonds
3/4 cup Raw Halved Pecans
1 cup of Pure Pumpkin
3 tsp Coconut Sugar
1 1/2 tbsp Coconut oil
1 tsp Vanilla Extract

1. preheat your oven to 375*. One heated, roast your almonds and pecans for about 8-10 mins. Careful not to burn them. Let cool for 5 mins.
2. In a blender or food processor blend up the nuts until they are becoming gooey like a paste.
3. Add in the remainder of the ingredients, and blend until smooth. (about 2 mins or so)
4. throughly enjoy!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Took a step back

I so badly wanted to take off running with this blogging thing. But I quickly ran out of things I wanted to talk about. Nothing new had been going on at that point, my creativity was lacking. Then outta nowhere my workouts along with healthy cooking was distracted with an exciting change for the Livingston's . I'm excited to share that me and my family are making a BIG move from Sunny Arizona to Seasonal Washington state to be close to more family and more opportunities.

    So, I'd like to start adding more of my personal life into my blogging mix too. I'll start by intoducing my amazing partner in life. Joshua. He's a Marine, who selflessly served 8 years to his country. 3 deployments, one of which changed his life forever. We have two children, Madison and Christian, you'll learn a LOT more about them as time passes. We're also about to celebrate our 4th year of Marriage. We have been through what felt like Hell and back, but our marriage is thriving, and we are truly each others best friends. 

One of the things I'm looking forward to most with the move is furthering my education. I'll be looking into starting prerequisites before pursuing Nursing school. I'm very nervous but SO stinking EXCITED. I fully believe thats what God has called me to do with my life. I clearly have a passion for giving a lot of my energy into helping, healing, and caring for others. Until I dive into that though I really want to get my home business as a Beachbody Coach up and running in a steady groove. This is not something I plan on ever giving up.  I'm still hosting Support/accountability groups, and December is planned to be a great 21 days to christmas with a PRIZE giveaway.  This group is a little different then others. I'm taking this opportunity to share with you my personal menus i've made, along with a grocery list, and the workouts i've used to get to where I am. You are welcome to join me, anytime of course, but why not make this a HEALTHY holiday, instead of doing the same thing you did last year and make a "new year new me" resolution. 

For your Thanksgiving side dish idea:

1 large butternut squash, halved, seeded and peeled
1 large sweet potatoes scrubbed
1 medium red onion
2 large parsnips
2 large carrots
1 head garlic, cloves separated, and peeled (about 16)
2-3 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil, plus more for drizzling
1½ tsp sea salt
Freshly ground black pepper (optional)
Rosemary (optional)
Slice and Dice these bad boys up, drizzle season and pop in the oven at 425* for about 45 mins to an hour!