Sunday, July 19, 2015

I pinky promised!

   Who knew I would be able to jump back in just like I wanted to? I sure wasn't expecting to be blessed with some extra time, and commitment!

   In my last blog post I decided it was time to get into the kitchen and mess around with some FOOD! I love being able to come up with SUPER quick healthy food choices, and I love even more when I can share them with you! I rarely look for recipes, I aim to be as authentic as possible! So forgive me if you have a version of these already, but Heck, someones gotta share these things!

   First recipe will be my Bell pepper sliders! OH my, melt in my mouth and gimme all the food! I was so pleased how they turned out, and they literally look less then 10 mins to make. This recipe is for those who want a quick in and out recipe!

Heres what you're going to need:

1 can of chicken in water, do drain it! (low sodium if you can find it. I know kroger has a great choice!)
1/4 of a red onion, diced
Sliced and diced Jalepenos
diced tomatoes
2.5 bell peppers (I used red yellow and orange, dice the 1/2 of one!)
4tbsp Just Mayo- Chipotle flavor ( best mayo in your life!)

1. section out your 2 bell peppers to make little boats out of them, clean them up of membranes and seeds.
2. toss chicken, mayo, red onion, jalepenos, tomatoes, and the diced pepper into a bowl and mix well until blended.
3. scoop about 2tbsp into each little boat. should make about 6-8 boats loaded with chicken and goodies! Garnish with cilantro and avocado if you choose to! See Easy peasy!

So I almost promised I would give you guys my GUILT free peanut cup! this is also super easy to make. Took me about 15-20 mins total. 

This made 6 pb cups.  about 140cals per cup! 

8tbsp of coconut oil, 2 scoops vegan chocolate shakeo, and pb., cupcake foil cups.

Split that coconut oil in half. Melt by microwaving it for about 20 seconds, mix up one scoop of shakeology in that bad boy until smooth pour into cupcake foils. Pop in the freezer for about 5 mins. when that time is up add about 1 tsp of peanut butter to each one, melt the other half of coconut oil, add the second scoop of shakeology, mix till smooth, pour over the top of the peanut butter, and pop back into the freezer for about 10 mins. They will be ready to eat! I store mine in the freezer so they dont melt. SO good and a pretty good treat if you want to keep it clean and healthy! Can't beat getting a lil superfood in with your treat! Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

It's been a while!

Man, I have been one busy woman lately. I hadn't had the time or the energy to keep up here, and honestly for a while my heart just wasn't in it! But I've been posting my meals on Facebook again, and some of you have requested I send you my recipes! So why not BLOG about it! 

The last few months have been a roller coaster of go, do, see and be here and there. Busy so I've been surviving off my superfood shakes! I'm happy things have calmed down just a knotch so I can get back to my passion... COOKING AND BAKING! 

Baking releases a lot of stress for me. Mainly because my focus is on making something beautiful, delicious, and I try to make it as healthy as I possibly can. Cooking to me beings out a HUGE range of memories. My dad is who taught me how to cook. He probably doesn't know I soaked in every little thing he ever did with cooking, grilling and presenting food at parties. Reminds me of happy days, filled with sunshine, and mornings that had music playing and pancakes on the griddle. Makes me feel as cool as I thought my dad is/was. Love you mom but you taught me how to love eating out and finding the healthiest restaurants! 

So the recipe I wanted to share with you! This one is a heavenly delicious treat you can make for the 4th of July! 
These little guys were soo very yummy! Super easy to make and we're a great small treat to take to the parties! 

Here's what you need: 
1 cup of graham cracker crumbs
3 tbs of grass fed butter melted
1pkg of the reduced fat cream cheese(8oz)
1/3 sugar- I used coconut sugar! 
1.5tsp vanilla extract 
1 egg 
6 raspberries
12 blueberries 
 Parchment paper or cupcake liners 

  1. Preheat your oven to 350°. In a small bowl, combine graham cracker crumbs and melted butter. Press into the bottom of 12 paper-lined muffin cups. In another small bowl, beat cream cheese, sugar and vanilla until smooth. Add egg; beat on low speed just until combined. Spoon over crusts. Took about 1.5 spoon fills.
  2. Bake nearly 20 minutes (keep an eye because I've come to realize every oven is different!) Cool 10 minutes before removing from pan to a wire rack to cool completely.before putting In fridge, pace one raspberry on half and two blueberries on half! Refrigerate at least 1 hour.  Makes 12, enjoy!