Monday, July 14, 2014

PiYo Meal planning!

   Well todays the day! I get to Officially start PiYo! I am eager to see the results with this low impact program! The most important part about this program though is the nutrition! They include a guidebook to help maximize your results.  In that guidebook it helps you find a caloric window for your size and body, included with that is how many servings of food groups you are allotted. It also has lists of foods and what the servings are.

   So for the next two to four weeks we will be eating most of the same thing with just a FEW variations. 
   Here's what I bought:

Veggies:                               Fruit:                                  Protein:                           Healthy Fats:
Broccoli                              Oranges                   Wild Caught Salmon                   Avocado
Bell Peppers                   Raspberries                     Ground Turkey                      Feta Cheese
Cauliflower                     Watermelon                   Chicken breasts                     Coconut Oil
Green Beans                   Honeydew                             Eggs                                  Nut butters
Sweet Potato                 Strawberries                     Sirloin Steaks 
Spinach                                                                     Cottage cheese

For my Free Foods: Lemon (for the juice!), black coffee, teas,  lots of spices, and balsamic vinegar! And because Shakeology can be placed in many  different ways, I left it off the list! I wouldn't think about missing a day! 

Breakfast: 2 eggs sprinkled with Feta cheese. A side of brussels sprouts and a choice of   fruit! 
Lunch: Vegan Tropical Strawberry Shakeology with watermelon, water and ice.
Snack: Bell peppers with cottage cheese
Dinner: Veggie and steak stir-fry! 
    As I mentioned before the reason we eat a lot of the same thing is because it works. I don't have to think more then I should. I'm a mom and a wife who is just as busy or distracted as the next. SO after getting my list all checked off, I washed and rinsed everything. Then I sliced and diced everything out in the portion sizes! One has and E on it for a serving for Emily and one has a J on it for Joshua (my husband)! So, now you have to be patient and see what I make up with these! Don't worry i'll share exactly what I did, how much I used ( even though i've always been a "wing it") Cheers to getting started right! 

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