Sunday, January 11, 2015

New year, New Beginnings

We did it! We moved! There was a lot of bumps in the road and a lot of tears that were shed while waiting for things to move forward. BUT we're homeowners again, and we finally have a house filled with things, we now have a  fresh start! Happy New year! 

I haven't had much play time in the kitchen yet with recipes to make some extravagant meals that are to die for BUT I have been making some pretty amazing meals that are easy to prepare, healthy and they align with my goals with the new MAX 30 program i'm doing.  And of course I'm not missing a dose of dense nutrition!  I've fallen in love with the Vegan flavors recently. It seems to sit lighter in my stomach, and I get this energy afterwards that just makes my body feel blissful. If you have ever wanted to try it, i'm OVERFLOWING with samples of Vegan shakeology, so please let me know if you want a packet or three!  So whats pictured today is something SO simple, and I'll break it down for you.  I've got ONE purple container from the 21 day fix. There is one and a half red containers (eggs and bacon!). 1/4 of a blue which would be the feta cheese, and one green veggie container! Perfectly Portioned meals through out the day to keep me on tack for what my body needs to endure the intense 30 mins. Who said "clean eating" is boring?

In addition to my new fresh start I've also made a commitment to myself. I've promised I would read ONE book a month to help better myself. I used to say I HATE READING. But I'm being very picky with the choices of books, and i'm actually enjoying the First book. Restless: You were made for more.  VERY powerful. Very hard at the point i'm at right now because we're talking about suffering, and pain that we've been through. I've had a fair share of some traumatic events in my life, as have others, so this isn't a poor me, or my life is harder than yours paragraph. As I keep reading though, my heart aches to share it all with everyone or anyone who wants to listen. If I can help change their life, or encourage and support someone through a journey of their own my year would be MADE. Being a coach, and woman who has a heart to help people  would be overflowing with purpose. I will continue to start sharing more of me with you, if you would like!? :) 

 ANYWAYS....... sheesh getting emotional in there!

INSANITY Max: 30  is BRAND NEW, its been out for about a month. I'm one week in, LOVE IT. Bottom line, it will deliver the results i'm in search of and I can't wait to show you all how amazing this product really is. 30 mins. You're in, you're out, you're sweaty. You totally feel accomplished after you bust your booty for 30 mins.  Its reasonably priced, and its yours. FOREVER.

Ever wondered what a purchase like this include?
well I'll tell you! This Special Includes: 
30 Day Supply of Shakeology
30 day FREE trial of our Club membership which is about to be even more AWESOME. 
Program of your choosing
Nutrition Plan 
Container system ( with 21 day fix, Insanity max 30, but can be purchased separately!)
$2 Shipping 
Some Programs even come with extra workout equipment
A personal trainer, in your own home! 
AND my SUPPORT to get you through this entire program and beyond! 

If you've set some big goals for 2015 that include bettering yourself, then this is for you! Everyone needs exercise, I can GUARANTEE that after finishing a program your entire life will be different! 

Happy SUNDAY! 

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